What are the Main Types of Sinks?


When choosing a type of sink it is very important to make sure you evaluate your needs and wants so that the sink meets your qualifications. Believe it or not, there are actually 7 most common types of bathroom sinks.

1. Top Mounted Sink – The sink is actually mostly below the countertop, however the sink lip sits on top of the counter. Pros are that this type works with just about any countertop, they are also typically less expensive because they require less labor to install. Cons are a lack of smooth service for cleaning and wiping directly into the sink.

2. Under Mount Sink – The entire sink sits under the countertop and the rim is affixed to the bottom of the countertop. Pros are a seamless clean look from the top into the bowl. Cons are that most under mount sinks, but not all, require a solid surface countertop.

3. Wall-Mounted Sink – This sink is permanently affixed to the wall with no countertop or cabinet needed. Pros are the open space below because no cabinets are required which give the room a more open feel. Cons are the lack of storage space underneath, you also need have all the plumbing run inside the wall for a clean look, which could cause higher plumbing costs.

4. Pedestal Sink – is wall mounted sink but allows you to run the piping anywhere. Pros are a pedestal sink offers an aesthetically pleasing way to hide your plumbing with a classical vibe. Cons are again no underneath storage and the sink can be a little hard to clean around.

5. Washplane Sink – is a basically turning the countertop in a sink using a pitched plane towards the drain. Pros are that these sinks take up very little space and are a very modern sleek design. Cons are that washplane sinks have now underneath storage and are also very shallow so they can’t hold water.

6. All In One Sink and Countertop – is a complete countertop with the bowl molded directly into the countertop. Pros are basically the same as an under mount sink with less overall costs. Cons are that the countertop has to be pitched back towards the drain leading to a possibly un-level countertop.

7. Vessel Sink – is a sink where the entire bowl sits on top of the countertop. Pros are that the make a great statement in a bathroom and are basically a large bowl so they are great for holding large amounts of water. Cons are since this type is essentially a large bowl on top of a countertop proper planning is required for countertop height and a faucet that sits high enough pour into the bowl.

8. Farmhouse or Apron Style Sink – This sink type generally has a deep basin, a wide “apron”-like panel that juts out slightly from the surrounding cabinetry. It is a perfect work horse sink for many dishes pots and pans. The deep basin helps prevent splash back and spills.

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