Things Needed So You Can Age In Place


Whether these are things that you need to start considering for yourself or you have concerns for a parent or loved one, the reality is that many people are now selecting age in their own place rather than moving to independent living homes and assisted living facilities.  This makes all the sense in the world and we love a sense of familiarity and resist change.

However, with that said, even when aging in place changes need to be made to your existing home to accommodate the changing physical limitations that arise with growing older.  Below are some simple yet important changes that you can make…

  1. Curbless Showers – Whether its a walker or a wheelchair to consider, that small step is more often than not a burden that is not only tiresome but also dangerous.
  2. Hand Held Showers Heads – This will make showering much more convenient and easy.  Again with limited rage of motion this update is a must have.
  3. Shower Bench – With limited mobility gradually becoming more and more of an issue standing for extended periods of time, even for a shower can become taxing.  Having a shower bench can resolve that issue.  There are many options to choose from including built in tile seat, fixed wall mount, and fold-able wall mount so that people who don’t need the bench will have more room.
  4. Grab Bars – These are an important safety feature for everyone aging in place.  Balance can become an unsure thing, and grab bars are a simple safety feature to help curtail issues.  Grab bars need proper blocking so that they are anchored correctly and don’t fail when needed.
  5. Switch Handles to Levers – As arthritis sets in, it can become problematic squeeze a door knob let alone turn and pull the door open at the same time.  Switching handles out for levers is another easy solution to an aging problem.  Levers have a simple up and down motion and require less effort from the hands.  This also goes hand in hand with touch less kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  6. Elevators – Even though this is an expensive update, if you truly plan to age in place it may be a necessary one, especially if you have more than one level to your home.  This is a costly and complicated undertaking so make sure you consult with a contractor first.

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