Sometimes Less is More!


We’ve all heard it before, the old adage that is supposed to get you to reduce the clutter in your life to make room for new things in our homes and life, “Less is More”.  Normally when it comes home remodeling the “Less is More” motto is never true.  Less space is always less space, unless it means that you are taking un-used space from one room, and transforming it in useable space in another room.

It’s ok to cannibalize space from an unused portion of a closet, basement, or attic so that you can make an adjoining room more functional.  More often than not you will see this happen in kitchens.  Many kitchens have adjoin rooms that a good remodeler can redesign and use more effectively in the kitchen.  In the case of small kitchens the key areas to steal square footage from is typically a mudroom or panty closet.  Look at these spaces and ask yourself if truly need all the room that they offer.  Look at your Kitchen and ask yourself if more square footage would make your kitchen more functional.  Many times the easiest course of action is to take your existing pantry closet provided you have one) and rework it as a built in for the refrigerator.  You can then use the old fridge space for added countertops and still maintain the same amount of storage using upper and lower cabinets.

In a bathroom (especially in a master bath) the easiest way to find extra space is to take it from the linen closet.  If you have another place to store linens, many times you can turn the linen closet into a walk-in shower, and then replace the old shower with a soaker tub.  However, keep in mind it is never a good idea to take away a useable bedroom in a house to create a Master Bathroom, this typically only lowers resale value on a home.  Especially if you are lowering the number of bedrooms to below the neighborhood average.

The other not so natural area to steal livable space from is your attic. Depending on your trusses or framing you can easily steal unused and pain in the neck storage from an attic and turn it in to livable square footage.  Many times we take these attic spaces and turn them into offices or a guest loft.
Through all of this though, keep in mind that it’s very important that you work with a Design Build Contractor.  The all in one nature of these remodelers means that the people who design the space also will remodel it.  This will in turn save you a lot of time and money on your project.

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