Questions to Ask Yourself On Your Next Bathroom Remodel


You’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, and that wonderful. However, now begins the process of what to do with you target space. What are your intentions, what is your purpose, what are your needs for this new bathroom. Below is a simple guide, with some simple pointed questions that should hopefully help guide you in the direction you are are looking for.

Question 1(Questions) – What is your purpose for this remodel? How many people will use it? What about this current space hinders it, what are it’s bottlenecks? Do you plan to be in the house for a long time? Do you have any physical limitations that need to be accommodated for?

Question 2 – Why are you remodeling the bathroom? Really there are three main reason to remodel a bathroom. Resale, Storage/Functionality, Relaxing Atmosphere, which one of these fits with you most. Answering this question should lead you directly in to the next question, budget.

Question 3 – What is your budget? Bathroom remodel budgets can vary greatly. Basic Resale/Facelift budgets can start at around $10,000. Mid-level Storage and functionality bathroom remodel budgets you should plan around $20,000. For an ultimate relaxation bathroom you could consider a budget of around $30,000 and up. These are all preliminary numbers budgets will truly depend on your tastes, layout, and material selections of the bathroom.

If you need help with any of these please don’t hesitate to call us, we’re always happy to help. Remember Washa Construction is always a simple phone call 608-838-8318 or click away.

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