Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2016


Bathroom Trends for 2016

It’s here, 2016 is upon us.  Have you stopper writing 2015 on all your checks yet?  It’s the time for new resolutions and upcoming trends.  Here’s a list of the 6 biggest bathroom trends that we are seeing for 2016.  Some of them are carry overs, others are brand new, but they are all inspiration points to start your next remodel.

1.  Wood – It offers a natural feel and added warmth to a traditionally cold space.  Many wood manufactures and vendors are purposefully design many products with trim interior bathroom use in mind.  Many times are seeing wood placed on the walls or ceiling of bathrooms with a high gloss finish to prevent mold and mildew.

2.  Cooling Feel – Cool neutral tones that presents a calming environment.  Many customers have all but eliminated harsh contrasting colors and fixtures.  In fact many remodels are leaning toward lighter shade tones and colors.

3.  Creative Patterns – The use of standard tile sizes, but laying them in unique and creative patterns is a way to liven up the bathroom with still using neutral colors.  Trending tile patterns this year are herringbone, basket weave, and windmill.

4  Double Shower Heads – This is a set up for using more than one shower head for water supply.  Many people are no longer using a dual shower head with a rail or bar for the handheld.  We are actually seeing 2 different water supply pipes one for each shower head.  Not only does this configuration look more luxurious, but it also delivers a chic look that doesn’t add visible bulk to your shower.

5.  Ambiance – 2016 will bring us less focus on utility and even more focus on ambiance.  2016 will show us that the bathroom has truly become a place to escape and relax.  This will be seen in furniture like cabinetry, luxury walk in showers coupled free standing soaker tubs.

6.  Big Tile – Gone are the small glass tile sheets, and the mosaics, slender subways.  Welcome in large format tiles in both the tile shower, tub surrounds, wainscoting.  They create seamless spatial illusion that makes the room look bigger.  After all if you claustrophobia is not what one thinks of when creating a relaxing environment.

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