8 Material Selections That Need to be Made Before Your Bathroom Remodel


There are so many things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.  Where do you begin, how do you plan, what choices need to be made, how much am are you going to spend, how long will it take?  Most of these are all questions that you need to ask your hired contractor, which we hope is Washa Construction.  However, 8 things that we can help you out with now is what materials you are going to need to decide on.

1.  Plumbing Fixtures – These are the first selections that need to be made, as these selections also direct what parts and pieces will be used in your rough plumbing behind the wall.  Here you need to pick out your vanity faucet, shower faucet(and trim kit), and possibly a sink if you do not have a molded top.  You also need to select the type of fixture finish that suites your style.

2.  Bathtub or Walk-in Shower – This selection should be made at, or before, the plumbing fixtures as there are somethings you need or don’t need for both.  If it is a bathtub you need to select the tub type as that gets installed during the rough plumbing.  With a walk-in shower you just need to select your tile

3.  .Vanity and Vanity Top – This should be your next selection because the lead time on cabinets and tops can exceed 6 weeks.  Here again you need to pick from many options of wood species and types of tops(also whether there is a molded bowl, or under mount sink).  Don’t let the options overwhelm you, let your gut guide you.

4.  Floor Coverings and Tile – Whether you go wood, tile, vinyl, or something else for you floor coverings this selection should be made next.  Most flooring stores also have wall tile available so this would be a good time to select tile for the walk-in shower or tub surround.  Also don’t forget to select a grout color while you’re there.

5.  Toilet – Probably the most important decision you can make is the kind of toilet you would like.  Don’t hesitate to sit on the floor samples and try their comfortability.  Select one you like because this is #2 in the amount time spent in the bathroom.

6.  Bathroom Ventilation – It’s already a wet space with plenty of bacteria.  A proper fan, with the right amount of power, in the right place goes a long way in heading off potential mold problems.  It’s especially important if you’re using a wood trim package.

7.  Trim Package – Select the type of door, casing, base, and shoe moldings that you would like to use.  Prefinished trim can save on a project deadline, but stained on sight looks a lot better.  This would also be the time you would select what type of mirror you are going to use(framed, medicine cabinet, etc.)

8.  Vanity Light Fixture – While it’s not the most important part of the project it is crucial to shed light on your bathroom.  Also somewhere prior to this make sure you have done a walkthrough with your electrician to talk about any additionally need can lights and proper placement of your vanity fixture.

While this is only a start to your next bathroom remodel checklist hopefully it lightens the stress and burden of your pre-planning a little bit.  Always remember Washa Construction is a simple phone call 608-838-8318 or click away.  http://www.washaconstruction.com

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