5 Flooring Options You Never Considered


Sometimes matching flooring colors and styles can be the most stressful thing about making selections.  So why not add some additional options you wouldn’t normally think of.  It’s because new and unique is the most recent trend and if you want to be ahead in style then here is a good place to start.  The old is new again, the unique is in, and the standard is out.

Parquet – This is a prime example of what old is new again.  These patterned wood floors offer a sense of warmth and richness to a home.  The interlinking patterns show visual interest and busy nature to offset the typical straight planks.

Rubber – While often reserved for a commercial setting it can also be used to create a sleek clean look in a kitchen.  It’s durable, easy to stand on, and can take a heft beating.  It’s ideal for places where water could be an issue like mudrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.  It also now comes in many different styles that don’t have to look commercial like those raise polka dots.

Cork – Cork is a very visually stunning floor with a lot of character.  However, the finish is very important to determine how water resistant the floor will be.  Because cork is very porous with air pockets it has a very comfortable springiness and give to it when walked upon.

Concrete – While for many this reminds people of the cold dark depths of a basement, you can actually do a lot with concrete today.  One thing for sure is that concrete can take a good beating and keep on going.  To spice up a concrete floor, many people paint a coat of resin to seal it and give it a glossy finish.  In addition you can paint it with a textured garage paint, or stain it, etc.  There’s many things to do and its a blank slate for you.

Painted Floors – Thick coat of any color of paint with a high gloss finish is a great way to create a custom floor to suite your needs and your tastes.  If done right with a durable finish painted floors can hold up as long as most other flooring options.

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